Dr. med. Yvonne Krug

Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Professional experience
LipoClinic Dr. Heck · since September 2022
Specialized clinic for liposuction, counseling and surgical treatment of lipedema

St. Antonius und St. Josef GmbH Wuppertal · 2022
Specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

St. Antonius und St. Josef GmbH Wuppertal · 2017 – 2022
Resident for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Bergmannsheil und Kinderklinik Buer GmbH Gelsenkirchen · 2012 – 2017
Resident for plastic and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery

Sana Klinikum Elmshorn · 2010 – 2012
Resident for general, visceral, vascular and trauma surgery

Klinikum Region Hannover Nordstadt Clinic · 2004 – 2009
Part-time registered nurse in surgery, internal medicine, neurosurgery and ICU

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover · 2002 – 2009
Doctoral Degree in Human Medicine (Dr. med.) 2019
“Quality of life and functional outcome following microsurgical fasciocutaneous vs. myocutaneous tissue transfer”

Heinrich- Heine-Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf · 1999 – 2002
Training as a registered nurse

Practical year
Dr. Theile Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane Australien · 2008

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Prof. Dr. Haertsch Concord Repatriation General Hospital Sydney Australien · 2008
Plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Bossaller, Robert- Koch- Krankenhaus Gehrden · 2008
Clinic for cardiovascular diseases

Prof. Dr. med. Babst Kantonspital Luzern Schweiz · 2007
Surgical clinic

Journal GMS-German Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery· 2017


    At the beginning of the 2000s, Dr. Falk-Christian Heck first came into contact with a previously unknown disease – lipedema. The clinical picture of the affected women was met with neither acceptance nor understanding by the doctors. Even today, in many cases lipedema is still misdiagnosed as overweight or obesity (adiposity). The disease often remains undetected for a long time. Those affected suffer from shame, self-reproach and frustration.

    As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Heck developed a completely new and sustainably effective surgical method, the lipedema surgery (lipo-decompression), which

    • stops the lipedema
    • is a pain-free surgery
    • eliminates the need for compression garments
    • improves the quality of life

    These are still our goals today at the LipoClinic!


    What does pain feel like with lipedema

    Which doctor can diagnose lipedema?

    Why is MLD so important for lipedema?

    Flat-knitted compression garment for lipedema? Part 1

    Flat-knitted compression garment for lipedema? Part 2

    Flat-knitted or circular-knitted compression garments for lipedema?

    Lipedema & Pregnancy

    Lipedema & Sport

    Costs of a lipedema lipo-decompression

    Since September 2019, health insurance companies have been covering the costs of medical lipo-decompression for very severe stage III cases. However, patients must meet certain requirements to obtain a coverage by the health insurance. Each patient is different and the treatment at the LipoClinic is individually tailored. The costs for a lipedema surgery therefore depends on the complexity of the surgery and the aftercare required.