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Sülldorfer Kirchenweg 1b
22587 Hamburg


Sülldorfer Kirchenweg 1b
22587 Hamburg

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We use our international network to exchange knowledge and pass on our standards. In this way we want to accompany as many affected people as possible into a new life without physical and mental pain. A life full of self-confidence, mobility and femininity. Together with our partners at home and abroad, we are achieving our goal of sustainably freeing women all over the world from their lipedema. For their well-being, we work closely with a broad network of doctors, researchers and scientists and are strongly involved in the German Society for Lipedema Surgery (DGfLC).


Our patient rooms are bright and comfortably furnished and offer a relaxed and positive atmosphere for your quick regeneration. Time flies even faster during a good conversation with your room neighbor or an exciting series on Netflix.


After a lipedema operation, your body needs a lot of strength to recover from the surgery. We support you with healthy and tasty food to quickly regain your strength. We focus on light and digestible food, which we prepare freshly for our patients every day.


By car

Via the A7 towards Kiel/Flensburg, take the Othmarschen exit and turn left into Reventlowstraße, which becomes Halbmondsweg. Turn right onto Elbchaussee, which becomes Dockenhuder Straße. From there turn right into Sülldorfer Kirchenweg.

Parking facilities at the clinic

You will find parking spaces opposite in the Rewe multi-storey car park or in the surrounding streets.

By train

Arrival at Hamburg main station; continue with the S1 or S11 to Blankenese station. Alternatively, arrive at Altona station, then also take the S1 to Blankenese S-Bahn station. Once there, leave the station and turn right until you reach the crossroads. Directly next to Budnikowski is our staircase. At the top of the stairs turn right and use the last door.

By plane

Arrival at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport (HAM): Take the S1 directly to Blankenese S-Bahn station or take a taxi. The taxi costs are about 40-45 euro.

Accommodation near LipoClinic Dr. Heck

The nearest hotel is the Baurs Park Hotel. It is only a 10-minute walk from our clinic and offers parking spaces in front of the hotel. The costs for one night are currently around 74-104 euros (breakfast included).

Baurs Park Hotel
Elbchaussee 573
22587 Hamburg

Hamburg also offers numerous inexpensive and comfortable accommodation options. For your search for suitable accommodation, use the well-known hotel booking platforms on the Internet.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Dr. Falk-Christian Heck first came into contact with a previously unknown disease – lipedema. The clinical picture of the affected women was met with neither acceptance nor understanding by the doctors. Even today, in many cases lipedema is still misdiagnosed as overweight or obesity (adiposity). The disease often remains undetected for a long time. Those affected suffer from shame, self-reproach and frustration.

As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Heck developed a completely new and sustainably effective surgical method, the lipedema surgery (lipo-decompression), which

  • stops the lipedema
  • is a pain-free surgery
  • eliminates the need for compression garments
  • improves the quality of life

These are still our goals today at the LipoClinic!


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Costs of a lipedema lipo-decompression

Since September 2019, health insurance companies have been covering the costs of medical lipo-decompression for very severe stage III cases. However, patients must meet certain requirements to obtain a coverage by the health insurance. Each patient is different and the treatment at the LipoClinic is individually tailored. The costs for a lipedema surgery therefore depends on the complexity of the surgery and the aftercare required.