13 Signs of Lipedema

We will be happy to advise you about your individual treatment options.

Patients affected by lipedema show a strong tendency to bruising, which is caused by an increased fragility of the blood vessels. The permeability of the vessel walls increases as a result and more lymph fluid enters the surrounding tissue. Excess lymph fluid can no longer be transported away by the healthy lymph vessel system; this leads to the development of the typical feeling of pressure and tension. The constant proliferation of fat cells is a cause of oxygen deficiency in the tissue. As a result, an inflammatory process is set in motion, which leads to further tissue damage and pain in the case of lipedema.

If several of the described symptoms apply to you, we recommend that you consult a specialist (phlebologist / lymphologist) for a clear diagnosis. 
We will be happy to advise you about your individual treatment options.

  1. Your upper body is disproportionately slimmer than your lower body ?
  2. Your hands and feet are not affected by swelling ?
  3. Your thighs, legs and arms are sensible to touch ?
  4. When climbing stairs you have "heavy legs" and / or feel pain ?
  5. Your legs bruise easily ?
  6. Standing for a long period makes your legs swollen ?
  7. You are often tired and limp in the evening and your legs hurt at night ?
  8. You have pronounced cellulite on your thighs ?
  9. Your attempts to lose weight through dietary changes and / or sport have had little or no positive effect on the affected areas ?
  10. Your balanced diet and regular exercise does not prevent you from gaining weight ?
  11. Your complaints began or increased during puberty, after pregnancy or during menopause ?
  12. After being in cold conditions your legs do not warm up quickly ?
  13. Female relatives suffer from similar symptoms ?

 Please remember that this information is meant as an initial orientation and does not replace a specialist diagnosis of lipedema.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Dr. Falk-Christian Heck first came into contact with a previously unknown disease – lipedema. The clinical picture of the affected women was met with neither acceptance nor understanding by the doctors. Even today, in many cases lipedema is still misdiagnosed as overweight or obesity (adiposity). The disease often remains undetected for a long time. Those affected suffer from shame, self-reproach and frustration.

As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Heck developed a completely new and sustainably effective surgical method, the lipedema surgery (lipo-decompression), which

  • stops the lipedema
  • is a pain-free surgery
  • eliminates the need for compression garments
  • improves the quality of life

These are still our goals today at the LipoClinic!


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Costs of a lipedema lipo-decompression

Since September 2019, health insurance companies have been covering the costs of medical lipo-decompression for very severe stage III cases. However, patients must meet certain requirements to obtain a coverage by the health insurance. Each patient is different and the treatment at the LipoClinic is individually tailored. The costs for a lipedema surgery therefore depends on the complexity of the surgery and the aftercare required.